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Princetel is a small for-profit social enterprise that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. It is passionate in providing a sanctuary for its employees, creating the best fiber rotary joint products, offering its customer exceptional services, and maintaining a low carbon footprint. Bucking the current trend, the company manufactures all its fiber optic rotary joint products in its US facility and markets them around the world including emerging economies such as India, China, Russia, and South Africa. The company has attracted a loyal following from customers around the world in markets such as military, biomedical, wind energy, geophysical, broadcasting, robotic, mining, machinery, entertainment, and communications. Founded in the fall of 2000, the company has become a reliable force in fiber rotary technology innovations.

Princetel's successful line of fiberoptic rotary joints has grown to cover more than a dozen models and three dozen channels in one device. Fiber channels from 1 to 36 remain the standard offerings. They can be either SM, MM fiber, or the mix of the two. They are designed for rugged environments such as extreme temperatures, humidity, mechanical disturbances, and water submersion (pressure compensation). Fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs) are key coupling devices in winches, robotic vehicles, wind turbines, medical OCT systems, satellite antennae, high-definition broadcasting systems, and submarines. Princetel's FORJ products are designed to comply with the popular standards Telcordia GR1209 and GR1021 in key areas for reliability. All models meet or far exceed MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-167-1A for shock and vibration.

In order to satisfy the need for power in some applications, Princetel collaborates with numerous partner companies to develop a full line of electrical slip rings to match Princetel’s standard FORJs. Unique features such as water seal, pressure compensation, and explosion proof are available. Hybrid electrical/optical sliprings are integrated products in applications where both power and telemetry pass through the rotation junction.

To complete the circle in a fiber circuit, Princetel developed a line of highly integrated fiber media converters. They are ideal for ROVs and other robotic vehicles. Standard video, serial data, high definition video (3G-SDI), gigabit Ethernet, and CWDM solutions are among the standard offerings. Princetel also provide custom configurations so a mixture of media converters are bundled together on one or multiple fibers.

Princetel's award-winning fiber polishers offers our customers a convenient tool to terminate fibers in their own facilities. They meet both field and production needs for fiber connector and ferrule polishing. Our portable polishing machines (up to 2 connectors/ferrules) come with either an unique hand crank, an indispensable safety feature to eliminate fire hazards in oil and gas operations, or a 6-12 VDC motor, which can be powered through a wall adapter or car cigarette lighter. The production polishing machine (up to 12 connectors/ferrules) features stainless chassis, center pressure, digitally controlled speed/force/time, speed/force ramping, and universal fixture.

Princetel sets for itself high standards on ethics. We believe in long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees. Our design philosophy reflects the company’s strong belief in advanced functionality, reliable performance, contemporary styling, pleasant ergonomics, lean manufacturing, and environmental sustainability. The company is poised to leap forward in the coming years to refine and expand its product offerings to serve the growing market.

Quality Policy:

F–Forge lasting relationships
I–Improve quality continually
B–Best possible effort
E–Exceed all expectations
R–Respect everyone involved

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