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Accessories: Polishing Disks

PD318 (SMA905)

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Princetel's polishing fixtures consist of polishing disk/disks and a polishing disk holder. The two smaller polishers, FP180 and FP180e, require one polishing disk while the large one, FPM30, requires a total 6 polishing disks. It is possible to mix different polishing disks on the larger polisher. For best results, however, we recommend mounting disks that fit the same diameter ferrules.

The following table lists all standard polishing disks. Custom disks with special diameter or angle are possible with a moderate NRE charge.

Inter-changeable design makes them fit all Princetel's polishing machines
Hold up to two connectors or ferrules simultaneously on a single disk
Simple mounting procedure to change disks
Low cost solution for all standard and custom polishing needs
Quick turn-around for custom polishing disks
Locking two connectors/ferrules with one twist action
Ideal for termini/pin polishing

PDS125 1.25 mm (LC or ferrules with 1.25 mm diameter)
PDS125A 1.25 mm (LC/APC or ferrules with 1.25 mm dia.)
PDS160 1.60 mm (ferrules with 1.60 mm diameter)
PDS160A 1.60 mm (8 deg; ferrules with 1.60 mm diameter)
PDS180 1.80 mm (ferrules with 1.80 mm diameter)
PDS180A 1.80 mm (8 deg; ferrules with 1.80 mm diameter)
PDS200 2.00 mm (ferrules with 2.00 mm diameter)
PDS200A 2.00 mm (8 deg; ferrules with 2.00 mm diameter)
PDS250 2.50 mm (FC, SC, ST and ferrules with 2 mm dia)
PDS250A 2.50 mm (FC/APC, SC/APC and ferrules)
PDS318 3.18 mm (SMA 905 and ferrules)
PDS318A 3.18 mm (8 deg; SMA 905 and ferrules)
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