Jacket/Cable Code
Select the correct fiber jacket or cable and identify its code from table bellow. If the desired jacket is not listed, describe it in your inquiry or call Princetel tech support for suggestions. Check out our "Outdoor Fiber Patchcords" page for performance details on standard selections.
Armored jacket: SS, 2.9 mm, >150 N(axial), R(bend)<20 mm A
Ruggedized jacket: PVC-SS, 2.8 mm, >75 N(axial), R(bend)<20 mm R
Polymax jacket: Polymer, 3.0 mm, >200 N(axial), R(bend)<20 mm M
Gooseneck jacket: Polymer, 2.5 mm, >10 N(axial), R(bend)<15 mm G
Shell jacket: SS, 3.0 mm, >300 N(axial), non-bendable S
Wetproof cable: Synthetic, 2.5 mm, >75 N(axial), R(bend)<10 mm W
Kevlar jacket: PVC-Kevlar, 3 mm, >75 N(axial), R(bend)<10 mm K
Kevlar jacket: PVC-Kevlar, 2 mm, >50 N(axial), R(bend)<10 mm K2
Loose tube: Hytrel, 900 um, >5 N(axial), R(bend)<5 mm L
Tight buffer: PVC or Hytrel, 900 um, >10 N(axial), R(bend)<5 mm T
Bare fiber: Acrylic, 245 um (400/PM), >5 N(axial), R(bend)<5 mm B