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LEARNING: Tutorials and Articles on FORJs
ARTICLE: "Light Headed Research: Optogenetics and Fiber Optic Rotary Joints", Feb, 2014
VIDEO (TED Talks): "A mouse. A laser beam. A manipulated memory.", August 2013
ARTICLE: "The Use of Optical Fiber Rotary Joints in Towed Sonar Array and Seismic Streamer Systems", April 2013
ARTICLE: "Let the Great World Spin-Fiber Optic Rotary Joints Add a Spin to Sensing, Mobile, and Robotic Fiber Systems", May 2000
ARTICLE: "Optical Fiber, WDM, and Rotary Joint (FORJ) Transform Undersea Telemetry", May/June 2003, Underwater Magazine
ARTICLE: "Boosting Turbine Efficiency-with contineous remote monitoring, p46, Sept 2012, Wind Power"
TUTORIAL: Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
TUTORIAL: Wavelength Division and Directional Multiplexing
TUTORIAL: Electrical Slip Rings
TUTORIAL: Rotary Joints Mobilize Tethered Aerostat Mobile Platforms
TUTORIAL: FORJ Mounting Instructions, Handling, and Maintenance
Other Learning Materials
TUTORIAL: Laser Diodes and Pigtailing
TUTORIAL: Faraday Rotator Mirror and Michelson Interferometer
TUTORIAL: Fiber Optic Collimators
TUTORIAL: Fiber Polishing
TUTORIAL: Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Termination (Connectorization)
Datasheet Archive: Laser Diodes/Fibers/Connectors
Laser diode, 850 nm, Lasermate LD-850-5A
Laser diode, 1310 nm, Mitsubishi ML725B45F-01
Laser diode, 1550 nm, Mitsubishi ML925B45F-01
Optical fiber, SM, 405_460_630 nm, Nufern 405HP_460HP_630HP
Optical fiber, SM, 780 nm, Nufern 780HP
Optical fiber, SM, 1060 nm, Nufern 1060XP
Optical fiber, SM, 1290-1670 nm, Corning SMF28e
Optical fiber, SM, 1290-1670 nm, Corning ClearCurve (7.5 mm bend R)
Optical fiber, SM, 1290-1670 nm, Draka BendBright (7.5 mm bend R)
Optical fiber, MM, graded index 50/125, Corning Infinicor 50
Optical fiber, MM, 50/125, NA=0.2, Draka BendBright (7.5 mm bend R)
Optical fiber, MM, graded index 62.6/125, Corning Infinicor 62.5
Optical fiber, MM, step index 105/125/.22NA, Nufern MM105/125-22A
Optical fiber, PM, 460_630_780 nm, Nufern PM460_630_780HP
Optical fiber, PM, 1310_1550 nm, Fujikura SM13_SM15-PSU40A
Optical fiber, POF, 650 nm (1.0/2.2 mm), Mitsubishi ESKA GK-40
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