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600 Series Fiber Cable Reel

Reel with FORJ/slipring

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Clutch assembly

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Reel with 6 channel FORJ

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Linear drive mechanism

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Linear drive carriage

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Princetel offers a line of build-to-suit turn-key cable reels that can incorporate our full line of single & multi-channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joints and/or Electric Slip Rings integrated into the cable reel drum. We offer both manual (hand-crank) cable reels as well as power rewind and/or power unwind drive options. Other options include: a torque limiting clutch, synchronized level winding mechanism with roller guide, integrated emergency cut-off tool, and a mechanical dis-engagement clutch.

These highly versatile cable reels can be used for a variety of applications such as on-the-move deployment, broadcasting, aerostats, drones, and ROV tethering. Constructed from machined aluminum and stainless steel, our reels are both lightweight and extremely durable and have been proven to work reliably in harsh environments ranging from the arctic tundra to deserts to ocean-going vessels. Call or e-mail us to discuss the details of your application.

Reel material Machined aluminum and stainless steel
Reel Capacity 600 m (9 mm cable diameter)
Drum Dimensions 154 mm (~6 inches OD)x420 mm (~17 inches length)
Cable guard diameter 450 mm (~18 inches)
Foot print 710x370 mm (~28x15 inches)
Working temperature -20 to 65 C
Storage temperature -50 to 85 C
Matching FORJs All standard models
Fiber types SM or MM (single, multi strands or E/O mix)
Matching Sliprings Most standard models
Motor Type Bi-directional, DC, 350 Watt, 50:1 worm gear reduction
Motor power requirements 24VDC (16-32VDC), 20 Amps Max, <5 Amp Continuous
Average Rewinding Speed ~10 m/s (30 ft/s)
Weight (w/o cable) 50 kg (110 lb)
IP Rating IP65

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