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PRODUCTS: Fiber Components-Active
Diode Laser Beam Combiners
Combines up to 4 laser diode beams; Singlemode or multimode fibers; Similar or dissimilar wavelengths; SMA or FC receptacle.
Pigtailed Laser Diode Modules (Silver)
Small-format laser diode pigtailing with cylindrical design. 6 mm diameter; extensive list of wavelengths; long-term stability.
Pigtailed Laser Diode Modules (Gold)
The flange design allows easier mounting and TE cooler attachment. Larger aluminum body provide adequate heat sinking for most applications.
Receptacle Laser Diode Modules
FC, ST, or SMA receptacle laser diode modules that accept both 5.6 mm and 9.0 mm diode cans.
PRODUCTS: Fiber Components-Passive
WDMs, Circulators, and Couplers
Passive fiber branching/multiplexing devices that enhance the fiber capacity. The enclosures are easy to handle in the field. Various connector styles are available.
Large-beam Fiber Optic Collimators
These high-performance fiber collimators produce diffraction limited beams (0.07-4 mm 1/e2 or near DL 8-14 mm) with high return loss. Custom wavelengths and working distances available.
Faraday Rotator Mirrors
Highly reflective and yet extremely low in secondary reflection, these devices are critical for interferometer applications such as fiber Michelson interferometer to cancel the birefringence existed in optical fibers.
Fiber Optic U Bracket
A simple cradle shaped platform with a pair of factory aligned fiber collimators (SM or MM) for various custom applications: chopper, attenuator, on/off switch, or filter.
Fiber Feed Through
This fiber optic feedthrough penetrates walls with thickness up to 25.4 mm (1 inch) for pressure or vacuum applications. Rated for 10,000 psi (690 bar), it is ideal for a variety of fluids and gases. Standard model offers ST style receptacles.
Fiber Assemblies
Custom fiber assemblies with one or several of the following termination methods: FC, SC, LC, ST, glass ferrule, zirconia ferrule, dual fiber ferrule, or 4-fiber ferrule. SM, MM, or PM fibers are available.
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