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PRODUCTS: Fiber polishing machines
Hand Polisher FP180
A unique field polishing machine that does not require power or battery. However, the machine can be transformed into an electrical polishing machine by an powered screwdriver. Adjustable force through a micrometer ensures consistent dome finish. Patented.

2008 SPIE/Laurin Publishing Prism Awards winner
Fiber Polisher FP180e
A motor-driven fiber polishing machine built on the same platform as the hand polisher. Ideal for low-volume-high-mix type of connector polish in lab and field environments. The machine also offers adjustable force to ensure consistent dome finish. Patented.
Accessories: Universal Polishing Discs
All Princetel's polishing disks are inter-changeable between all models of polishing machines. One can choose polishing disks that fit the following ferrule diameters: 1.25 mm (LC), 1.60 mm, 1.80 mm, 2.00 mm, 2.50 mm (FC, SC, ST), and 3.18 (SMA905). All have 0 & 8 deg versions accept 1.60 mm disks.
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