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PRODUCTS: Fiber polishing machines
Hand Polisher FP180
A unique field polishing machine that does not require power or battery. However, the machine can be transformed into an electrical polishing machine by an powered screwdriver. Adjustable force through a micrometer ensures consistent dome finish. Patented.

2008 SPIE/Laurin Publishing Prism Awards winner
Fiber Polisher FP180e
A motor-driven fiber polishing machine built on the same platform as the hand polisher. Ideal for low-volume-high-mix type of connector polish in lab and field environments. The machine also offers adjustable force to ensure consistent dome finish. Patented.
Fiber Polishing Machine FPM30
A full featured fiber polishing machine with front panel digital control on speed, force, and time. It features single motor design, low body profile, speed ramp, and universal fixture with advanced functions. Patented.
Accessories: Universal Polishing Discs
All Princetel's polishing disks are inter-changeable between all models of polishing machines. One can choose polishing disks that fit the following ferrule diameters: 1.25 mm (LC), 1.60 mm, 1.80 mm, 2.00 mm, 2.50 mm (FC, SC, ST), and 3.18 (SMA905). All have 0 & 8 deg versions accept 1.60 mm disks.
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