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SERVICES: Laser Pigtailing
Princetel provides comprehensive fiber coupling services. We accept both FP and DFB laser diodes at all wavelengths. Customer can chose from three standard package styles, the LCF, LPF, and LRF. All popular fiber types, such as SM, MM, and PM fibers, can be selected to meet the specific need. Please refer to our Diode Laser product page for performance and package details.

Though our main focus is TO can type of diode lasers, we are actively involved in pigtailing other type of lasers such as DPSS lasers and HeNe lasers. Please call us to discuss your specific application.

Wavelength range 532-1790 nm
Coupling efficiency (SM fiber) >10% (typical: 20-30%)
Coupling efficiency (MM fiber) >50% (typical: >70%)
Coupling eff. (SM DPSS) >50% (typical: 60-80%)
Coupling eff. (MM DPSS) >70% (typical: >80%)
Fiber facet angle 0 or 8 degrees
Working temperature 0 to 40 C
Storage temperature -20 to 65 C
Fiber types SM, MM, or PM fiber w/900 um buffer
Connector types FC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC
Visit our datasheet archives to download datasheets on standard laser diodes and fibers.

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