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SERVICES: Trainings
It can be very frustrating to first time users and novice of fiber optic devices and systems. Not surprisingly, the most common product damage in the field is fiber breakage. More often than not these damages are beyond repairs. That is why basic trainings can be extremely effective to avoid costly mistakes and speed up system implementation. Princetel provides trainings in the following areas:

Optical fiber handling and termination
An introduction to optical fiber technology; practical knowledge on fiber types, termination methods, and connector types.

Fiber connector polishing
A heavily hands-on session on fiber polishing using standard Princetel fiber polishing machines.

Fiber components testing
A practical test setup which can handle key parameter testing on most passive fiber components such as fiber optic rotary joints.

WDM technology and applications
Basic theory of WDM, CWDM, and DWDM. Examples of most common applications. Live demonstration of WDM components.

All trainings consist of lecture, demo, and hands-on and are custom tailored to a specific need. As a result, trainees will not only gain a basic understanding of the subject but also obtain general instructions on how to handle their own projects. All trainers are engineers with extensive application background. The face-to-face meetings between trainees and their trainers allow them to build a close working relationship.

On-site training is also possible.
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