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SOLUTIONS: Fiber Multiplexers/De-multiplexers
Pack them in
It is often much more cost effective to multiplex multiple channels into one fiber (WDM: 2, CWDM: 16, DWDM: 120 channels) as opposed to multi-fiber solution. Princetel offers WDMs and circulators from third-party vendors. Some of them are listed below. Visit the Princetel product page for details.
WDMs Combine 1310/1550 nm or 850/1310 nm into one SM or MM fiber. Crosstalk: 17-25 dB (standard grade); 45 dB (premium grade). Insertion loss: 0.5 dB. Fiber type: Corning SMF28, GI50/125, GI62.5/125 w/3 mm jacket. Dimensions: 12x8x120 mm (3 mm jacket) or 5.5x35mm (900 um tight buffer). Visit the Princetel product page for details.
Circulators allow bi-directional transmission of optical signals with the same wavelength (1310 or 1550 nm) in SM fiber. Directivity: 50 dB. Isolation: 50 dB. Return loss: 50 dB. Insertion loss: 0.7 dB. Fiber type: Corning SMF28, w/900 um jacket. Dimensions: 5.5x60 mm. Visit the Princetel product page for details.
Components Vendors
AC Photonics, Inc.
2302 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051 USA
Tel: 408-986-9838, Fax: 408-986-0188, sales@acphotonics.com
Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.
275 Gibraltar Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
Tel: 408-736-6900, Fax: 408-736-4882, sales@afop.com
AOC Technologies, Inc.
6690 Amador Plaza Road, # 110, Dublin , CA 94568 USA
Tel: 925-875-0808, Fax: 925-875-0878, sales@aoctech.com
1389 Moffett Park DR, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Tel: 408-548-1000, Fax: 408-541-6138, info@finisar.com
Dicon, Inc.
1689 Regatta Blvd, Richmond, CA 94804 USA
Tel: 510-620-5000, Fax: 510-620-4100, sales@diconfiber.com
Oplink, Inc.
46335 Landing Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538 USA
Tel: 510-933-7200, Fax: 510-933-7300, info@oplink.com
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